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This is our story!  We know the story of George Mueller continues to be a favorite of many.  The first book, Simple Trust, Simple Prayers, was written to make Mueller’s original writings come alive again.  But we were concerned that today’s readers might brush it off, thinking that the lessons of faith Mueller wrote about in the 1800s were obsolete.  We knew that this powerful story was still changing lives; it had profoundly changed our own lives. 

It was now our own lives that must prove the faithfulness of God. This is our story.  Yes, Mueller’s century was different.  But this is now.  God does not change.  Because it’s the same God, the lessons are the same.  For anyone who wonders if God still answers prayer, this book is for you.  This is what it looks like today.  Our story is real, raw, and at times embarrassing.  We have tried our best to simply tell the story as it happened. 


SIMPLE TRUST, SIMPLE PRAYERS - Life-Changing Lessons from the Journals of George Mueller.  It's the only PARAPHRASED version of the writings of George Mueller.  

Designed for either personal use or for group study, the book is divided into 13 chapters, with discussion questions and application questions at the end of each chapter.  




Mickey and Cindy Mallin are first of all joyful followers of Jesus!  In addition, they have a small real estate investment business that they manage themselves. 

Mickey was raised in the Kansas City area in a traditional Jewish family and is proud to be Jewish.  In 2006, he gave his whole heart and soul to Jesus and is now proud to be a follower of Christ.  He is Dad to two grown sons, both of whom live in Florida.  As an independent insurance agent since 1993, his primary business is selling life insurance, long-term disability insurance and annuities to individuals across the United States.  He has a bachelor of arts degree from Kansas University.  Since marrying Cindy in 2007, he is now a grandpa to five!

Cindy is a mother to three grown children, mother-in-law to two loved daughters-in-law, and grandmother to five grandchildren.  She has a bachelor of science degree from Roberts Wesleyan College.  She has published numerous short articles in various publications.   Her first book, Simple Trust, Simple Prayers, was published in 2011. 

Mickey and Cindy welcome your feedback and are available to speak to groups.  Contact them at: and